Methods  help you break your habits
” Start a year  full of positive habits”


Breaking a bad habit and getting a positive one is not always an easy thing, it depends on your personal ability and your desire.

Just as you gained a positive habit through practice, you can also kick your negative habit through training and repeating the positive one.

So if you want to start your year in a positive way and in order to get rid of your bad habit – whatever it is – try to start with these tips and methods:

1. Think seriously before changing 

You must think well before you start the journey of change so that helps you to keep focus and continue your plan.

2. change just one goal per period

Identify one goal that you would like to change to avoid feeling difficulty throughout the journey of the year and lose hope in change.

3. Write things that motivate you to do the habit

For every habit there are triggers that compel you to return to it, so identify these triggers in order to make it easier for you to fully know them and be able to face them and not be distracted by others.

4. Change slowly and gradually

You are not obligated to change your habit with a limited period, when you take enough time and replace the bad habit with the positive, it is possible not to return to it.

5. Change your environment 

 The environment may be the reason for the habit of addiction. So you should first think about your right to change  and how much your life will improve after getting rid of the habit.

6. Punish yourself

Punish yourself when you do the habit but be careful not to be harsh. For example, you can lose some money every time you do the habit, which helps you avoid it more quickly.

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