Who doesn’t want to increase his/her beauty? A teenager, an adult, and an old man ask how can increase it?

Your inner beauty could increase through some standards such as confidence, self-satisfaction as well as and loyalty while dealing with others. As for your external beauty, there are daily healthy habits that Dr. Ahmed Abdulmalek advises, including:

– Eating healthy food

Foods that contain vitamins and minerals are important for a skincare routine.  Healthy foods help to increase the beauty and freshness of the skin as well as the vitality of the hair such as:

– Milk 

– Nuts

– Broccoli and spinach

– Avocado and grapes

Additionally, drinking enough water is necessary to tighten the skin and flush out toxins from it. Also, it could avoid dark circles under the eyes.

– Doing exercise regularly

You may think that exercises just help you get fit, however, exercising is also important for facial beauty and hair health. Therefore, Dr. Ahmed Abdulmalek advises beginning doing exercises at least 30 minutes per day.

What are the benefits of sport?

– Getting rid of acne

– Reducing facial wrinkles, especially under the eyes and neck

-Healthier, bouncier, and shiny hair

– Avoid smoking

 Smoking not just affects your lungs’ health, but also your beauty. Otherwise, secondhand smoke can also affect your skin health.

But, what is the relationship between smoking to external beauty?

– Smoking is one of the main causes of black lips

– It shows spots on the arms 

– It increases the risk of baldness for both sexes

– Getting adequate sleep

 8 or 9 sleeping hours are enough for both the body and the skin, as it regenerates skin cells and increases its smoothness and freshness. Moreover,  the latest studies have shown that enough sleep increases the face beauty and the attractiveness of a person, on the other hand, lack of sleep causes ugliness and paleness of the face.

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