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    Mira Khattar



    Mira is a Lebanese registered dietitian graduated from the American University of Beirut. She's been practicing her job as a clinical dietitian for more than 13 years and got so devoted to her career, treating obesity and all health-related conditions. She also earned her certificate in sports nutrition from the International Sports Science Association, California (ISSA), and so became a sports dietitian as well, helping athletes reaching their fitness goals. She had a big passion for nutrition since high school times when she used to see her dietitian and so decided to do the same. EatLikeMira, a go-to source for nutrition and wellness, started in 2010 as a blog and was able to change many people’s attitude towards food, through her educational articles, yet simple to practice, as well as her many social media appearances. The blog turned into a professional website with customized online consultations and programs suitable for everyone, everywhere. Her philosophy? Create healthy habits, not restrictions”

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    Get rid of your old eating habits and start practicing new effective long-term ones! Through this program, Mira will teach you how to choose your daily meals from breakfast till late snacks, and you won’t be out of track! Challenge yourself because you can do it! Includes: • A first consultation and a full screening of your past experiences with weight problems or medical conditions. • Details about your goal, needs, good and bad habits and the time needed to reach that goal • Measurement chart and progress. • Needed nutritional Documents. • 4 personalized full diet plan menus, taking into consideration your vitamins deficiencies. • Training program regimens depending on your fitness level and your specific goal. • Healthy Recipes • 3 Weekly follow-ups (a timed suitable day). • Open questions and Chats during your whole membership.

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    Whether you are a competitive athlete or just need to build muscles, and lose fat, this package is perfect for you for great results! Mira will assess your nutritional needs to help you develop the right eating plan to optimize training, performance and recovery. Includes: • A first consultation to discuss past experiences, medical conditions, goal and needs • Fueling for performance • eating for recovery • Hydration • Off season weight loss/gain • Supplements needed • 4 personalized full diet plan menus, matching your goals, taking into consideration your vitamins deficiencies. • 3 Weekly follow-ups (a timed suitable day). • Open questions and Chats during your whole membership.

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